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Doing Business Responsibly:
When Corporations become Citizens November 7 & 8 2012
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Abboud Mazen, UNADEP, Lebanon

Holder of An EMBA from Ecole Supérieure des Affaires (ESA-Beirut), he has a Diploma of Engineering in Agricultural Sciences, the American University of Beirut (AUB). Mazen Abboud is a Student of PHD (Environmental Policies), at Twentee University, Holland. He is a full member of the directing board of the Regie Libanaise du Tabac et du Tombac. He’s An Environmental Consultant for the Mediterranean Action Plan of the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP-MAP (Athens-Greece), which is the arm of the Barcelona Convention for the protection of the Mediterranean Sea against Pollution since 2003 till now. He worked as The Manager of Entergro SARL (An Engineering Consultancy Firm founded in 2001 by a group of young engineers from all fields). He’s a free-lance journalist and a member of the International Press Institute (IPI). He wrote tens of Articles (Arabic and English) in the fields of Environment, Arts, Politics, Literature and Heritage. These were published mainly in national magazines, and two reports published internationally. He edited three books in English and Arabic, and published three environmental reports. He attended many training courses and international meetings in the last five years. He received several recognitions from those the recognition of the President of the Lebanese Republic, in 2008, for his Environmental Work at UNADEP.


Abdel Kader Dalia, Arab African International Bank, Egypt

Holder of a Master in Political Science from the American University in Cairo and a PhD in Political Science from Cairo University, Dalia Kader Abdel is General Manager - Director of Marketing and Communications Sector at the Arab African International Bank. She has a proven track record of positioning Arab African International Bank as a pioneer and trendsetter in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability that earned it praise for best practice in the U.N. Global Compact Yearbook 2011 & 2012, and made it the first bank in Egypt to join the Global Compact in 2005, and the Equator Principles in 2009. Dalia Abdel Kader is a founder, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of “We owe it to Egypt” foundation, one of the first operational foundations in the fields of health and education to be established by a financial institution. She is well versed in critical thinking and postmodern theory and has special interests in national security, branding and sustainable finance. Dalia Abdel Kader has lectured in several local and international conferences on branding financial institutions, sustainability and CSR, and she is the author of a series of articles on finance for development, national security and international relations.


Abdel Maoula Chaar, Ecole Supérieure des Affaires, Lebanon

Holder of a Master in Marketing and Communication from ESCP Europe and ESA, a Master in Research in Strategic Management from Université Paris-Est, and a PhD in Business Administration from the same University. Chaar Abdel Maoula’s PhD thesis looks at the influence of the Shari’a mindset on the formation of Islamic banks strategies and its impact on the institutionalization of the Islamic financial field. Professor and Research Consultant at the École Supérieure des Affaires, he is in charge of Research and Development, and leads the engineering and expansion of the School’s new programs, including Islamic financial programs and activities. Chaar Abdel Maoula also teaches Master level courses on Islamic Finance. He is an editor and qualified trainer of the International Islamic Financial Qualification (IFQ), and has written a number of articles and participated in numerous books on Islamic Financial management issues.


Abd El Majid Ounis, Al Takwin Al Moutawassel University, Algeria

Holder of a PhD in Economical Sciences, Ounis is a Professor at Al Takwin Al Moutawassel University -Algeria. Ounis Abd El Majid has participated in several research projects studying the activity of Algerian firms. He served as a member at the Scientific Evaluation Committee for the magazine “Economical Perspectives” published by the Faculty of Economical, Commercial Sciences and Management at Mohamad Boukara Bourmedes University. He also served as a member at the Pedagogical and Orientation Council at Al Takwin Al Moutawasel University. He has published many articles, research and studies in national and international journals and has attended conferences and seminars and national and international colloquiums.


Abdel Wahab Abdel Rahman, Alzaim al Azhary University, Sudan

Holder of a PhD in Economics from St Petersburg University for Economics and Finance - Russia, Abdel Rahman Addel Wahab is Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences at Alzaim al Azhary University. He’s Assistant Professor in several Sudanese universities such as: National El Rabat University, the University of Sciences and Culture. He has participated in numerous conferences and colloquiums. He has written articles studying the economic planning system in Sudan, the monetary relations in Arab countries, and the role of the petrol in economic and international relations.


Abou Araj Samer, Management Consultant, ISO26000 National Expert, Lebanon

Holder of an MBA from Paris-Dauphine, and an MA in Economics from Saint-Joseph University, Samer Abou-Araj is an independent management consultant / ISO 26000 National Expert providing services in operational restructuring, business development support and long-term profitability enhancement. Furthermore, he assists in the pre-assessment and implementation of sustainability programs in the context of ISO 26000 (Social Responsibility), as an integral part of core organizational strategy. Samer Abou Araj is a Fundraising Manager at Telelumiere, Lebanon, where he’s in charge of securing a regular flow of funds to finance Telelumiere and its satellite. In 2009, he conducted a large scale business plan which was submitted to multinational donors in order to finance an expansion project for Telelumiere/Noursat. He was National Accounts Manager at Sanita and a Management consultant at Near East Consulting Group, where he participated in the preparation of a bid presented by NECG and a consortium of multinational consultants and investment banks, to the Lebanese Government in order to restructure and privatize the telecommunication sector in Lebanon.


Abou Aliqah Khaled, Al-Tafila Technical University, Jordan

Holder of a Master degree in International Business at the Higher Institute for Economics - Bulgaria-Sophia, Khaled Abou Aliqah is the Dean of the Faculty of Financial and Management Sciences at Al-Tafila Technical University. He was lecturer at the Department of Economics at Al Balkaa University and researcher at the Department of International Commerce/ General Statistics Center-Jordan. He is the founder and Vice President of the Employees Committee at Al Tafila Technical University. Khaled Abou Aliquah was president of the Students’ Affairs Office at the Faculty of Financial and Management Sciences at Al Tafila Technical University. He was a member of the Recruitment and Promotion Committee and member of the University Council, and has participated in many organization colloquiums committees and seminars and conferences. Author of dozens of articles and working papers, his research interests are the SMEs, the production rates, competition, differentiation, unemployment, consumer behavior etc. The courses he teaches include micro and macro-economics, multinational finance and multinational economics, financial and monetary markets and basic finance.


Abu Orabi Sultan, Association of Arab Universities

Prof. Sultan Abu-Orabi is an Organic Chemist who obtained his PhD from the University of Michigan, USA. He is President of Yarmouk University, Jordan's second largest public university and President Elect of the Association of Arab Universities, which has its headquarters in Amman, Jordan. Prof. Abu-Orabi previously served as President of Irbid National University and Tafila Technical University in Jordan. He is also President of the Jordanian Chemical Society and Secretary General of the Arab Union of Chemists. He was Visiting Professor at Bahrain University and the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Abu-Orabi is Editor-in-Chief of two international chemistry journals, and is member of the Editorial Board of four others. He has organized, served on advisory boards, and presented lectures at numerous international conferences. He has also received several research fellowships and awards, and published over fifty papers throughout his career spanning twenty-six years.


Al Kantar Bassam, Al-Akhbar, Lebanon

Bassam Al Kantar is a Lebanese journalist, currently working as Editor, in the Society Department of Al Akhbar (a political Lebanese daily newspaper). His duties and responsibilities entail ensuring that all newsworthy articles, including Human Rights issues, are covered and given priority. Al Kantar frequently writes about global warming and alternative energy, and in 2005 he became a founding member of the Lebanese Environment Party. Bassam Al Kantar coordinates, supervises, edits and approves reports form local correspondences in the Lebanese regions. He also does mentoring/coaching and talent search role by training newcomers, interns and artistes. He has an Executive Master degree in Political Science from the Lebanese University - Faculty of Law and Political Science, a BA in Arts & Archeology from the Lebanese University - Faculty of Literature and Human Science, a BA in History from the Lebanese University - Faculty of Literature and Human Science, a BA in Social Science, from the Lebanese University - Institution of Social Science, and a BA in Arabic Language and Literature from the Lebanese University, Faculty of Literature and Human Science.


Alkindi Ahmed, University of Nizwa, Oman

Dean of the College of Economics, Management and Information System at the University of Nizwa, Oman, Ahmed Alkindi specialized in Computer Science with emphasis on Performance Optimization, Performance Prediction, and Parallel Processing. Prior to his current position, he has worked in technical, administrative, academic and research posts in industry, and in higher education since 1987. His career includes four years in Gulf Air (Bahrain), eighteen years at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), and two years at the Higher College of Technology (HCT). At HCT, Ahmed Alkindi served as Professor and Head of Information Technology Department. Previously, he worked at SQU in various administrative and academic positions including Computer Center Director and Assistant Professor. Dr. Ahmed obtained his Bachelor Degree from the University of Miami, USA, his Master`s from the Florida Institute of Technology, USA, and his Doctorate from the University of Warwick, UK.


Almomani Riad, Yarmouk university, Jordan

Riad Almomani received the his BA in Economics in 1981, and his PhD in Economics from Utah State University, Logan, USA in 1985. He is currently a Professor in the Departement of Economics, and the Dean of Economics and Administrative Siences Faculty, Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan. His areas of interest are Economic Development, International Finance, and Public Finance. Riad Almomani is a member of numerous local and regional journal editorial boards, and has published various refereed articles, and has authored and co-authored severalbooks. Recently, he earned the best Professor in Economics Award in Asia for the 2012 year.


Altaee Mohammed, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Adminsitrative Sciences at Zarqa University, Jordan

Professor of Management Information Systems at Economic and Administrative Sciences Faculty of Zarqa University, Mohammed Altaee teaches and conducts research in management information systems. He took his BA in Accounting and Administration Science and Master Degree from Bagdad University and his PhD from Mosul University. He is the author of twelve books and over forty articles about, organizational and management impacts of information systems, privacy, ethics, and strategic management.


Assaf Elie, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon

Holder of a PhD in Economic Sciences from The Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonn, Elie Assaf is a university lecturer. Formerly, he was the Dean and President of the ENA, and he has written numerous economic and financial articles and publications. He is a member in the Strategic and Cultural Council of the Union for the Mediteranean, member of the CEDRE Scientific Committee (Scientific Research Committee between Lebanon and France). In addition to his academic position, he is also the Director General at the French Presidency of the Lebanese Republic.


Azoury Nehme, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon

Holder of a PhD and a Master in Business (Paris XI University and Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK), Nehme Azoury is Associate Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Business and Commercial Sciences at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (Lebanon), where he teaches Strategic Management and Corporate Governance. He is the Secretary General of the Arab Society of Faculties of Business Administration and one of the eight members of the EDUNIVERSAL Scientific Committee, which represents Eurasia and the Middle East. Nehme Azoury has linked the worlds of business and academia, by working as Consultant to many reputable companies before dedicating himself to teaching. He was a visiting Professor at variousforeign universities; such as, Paris II, Euromed-Marseille, La Rochelle, Lyon 3 and The George Washington University, which honored him with an appreciation award. He has written numerous academic papers and is Editor-in-Chief of The Arab Economic and Business Journal, and the e-journal La Revue Libanaise de Gestion et d’Économie (The Lebanese Journal of Business and Economics).


Bataineh Talal, Irbid National University, Jordan

Holder of a PhD in Economics Mustansirya University - Iraq, and an M.E. in Islamic Economy - Yarmouk University - Jordan, he’s the Dean of the faculty of administrative and financial sciences at Irbid National University, where he served as the Dean of Students Affairs. Furthermore, he was the Dean of the Faculty of Administrative & Financial Sciences at Tafila Technical University. Talal Baitaneh was Head of Administrative and Educational Department at Al Balqa University. He has dozens of publications in Arabic and English in international journals and reviews. His areas of research include the direct investment, the globalization, the economics of developing countries, etc. He taught the following courses: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Money and Banking, International Finance, Public finance, and e-commerce.


Benantar Abederrahman, University of Bourmedès, Algeria

President of the Scientific Council at the Faculty of Economical Sciences, Commercial Sciences and Management of the University of Bourmedès - Algeria, Abederrahman Benantar has participated in research at national and international colloquiums. He was the Head of the Commercial Sciences Department at the University of Bourmedès, where he served as a member of the academic and pedagogic council, and has published articles in local and international journals. He served as president of several colloquiums’ scientific committees at Algeria. He is Editor in Chief in “Economical Perspectives” magazine and member of its scientific assessment committee. He is also President of a research project entitled “The Role of the Economical Intelligence in the Development of Algerian Companies” developed by CNEPRU, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. In addition, he directed the ALpec_umbb Project Research studying “The role of Algerian Economical Companies Under the Effect of the Global Economic Change”.


Benhida Bouchra, ESCA School of Management

Holder of a PhD in International Economics, Bouchra Benhida is at the Head of the Research Institute of Geopolitics and Geo Economics at the ESCA School of Management. She has visited international research centers such as, University of Montreal and University of Madrid, where she was able to contribute to research projects dealing with the internationalization of companies and analysis of macroeconomics. Her research focuses on sustainable development, competitiveness of business, and geopolitics in order to, on one hand, analyze the behavior of companies in emerging countries within the MENA region, and on the other hand, attempt to explain how the economical and international environment of business is highly affected by the emergence of new actors on the international political scene, the sustainable growth model, and by the dynamic geopolitical evolution. Benhida Bouchra contributed to the book “Africa: Land of the New Greeds” edited by Ellipse. She also took part in a book on women entrepreneurship, published by Pearson and will be available in 2013. Currently she is writing a book on geopolitics in the Mediterranean Basin, which will be published in 2013 by PUF. She is also writing a chapter on the geopolitics of women's condition in MENA, to be published in “Major Collection” by PUF.


Berro Ali, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Holder of a PhD in Management from USEK University, Ali Berro is the Director of the Quality Program - QUALEB (an EU funded Project hosted at the Ministry of Economy and Trade). So far, he has managed Four EU-funded projects and one World Bank assessment project. He is currently managing two additional on-going EU-funded projects in the field of Quality Infrastructure hosted at the Ministry of Economy and Trade. He has performed several missions in international projects as a Team Leader/Senior Expert; he has served as a member of the Board of Director of the Lebanese Standards Institute (LIBNOR) for three years. In addition, he is serving as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Lebanese Accreditation Council – COLIBAC and is a member of the high-level Jury Panel of the Lebanese Excellence Award under the high patronage of the President of Lebanon. He is a lecturer at the American University of Beirut and the École Nationale de l’Administration (ENA), with over 15 years of professional experience in the areas of reform, reorganization and development of the value chain and quality infrastructure. Furthermore, he has over 10 years in-depth experience in supporting and leading the SMEs in different value chain sectors.


Boubakeur Badache, Université de Boumerdes, Algeria

Holder of a PhD in Economic Sciences, specializing in Economic Analysis, from the University of Alger, Badache Boubakeur is a Senior Lecturer and Vice-Dean in charge of post-graduate and scientific research at the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business at the Université de Boumerdes. In 2008- 2009, he undertook a long term internship within the frame of scientific research at Cairo University in Egypt. He was an organizer and head of the organization committee, in April 2008, for the study days entitled: Tourism in Algeria: Challenges and Perspectives - Boumerdes, April 2008. Moreover, he organized and chaired the organizing committee of the first National Seminar on “The Role SMEs in the Development in Algeria”. Currently he is a lecturer and researcher at l’Université de Bourmedes and had participated in many international colloquiums.


Bouchenkir Iman, Université Badji Mokhtar Annaba, Algeria

Holder of a Master in Economic Science, specialising in Applied Economics, from l’Université d’Annaba, Iman Bouchenkir is a PhD student at The Université Badji, Annaba. She teaches Business Management and Public Finance courses at the same University. She had participated in numerous seminars and conferences and has been a member in organizing committees for many colloquiums. She is the author of a publication on ‘the role and importance of technological inventions in the competitive advantage’.


Boulos Paul, Bank of Beirut, Lebanon

Recognizing broadcast as a fast growing and dynamic field across MENA markets, Paul moved to Beirut in 2004 as senior MARCOM manager for the market leader Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI). He was responsible for establishing the MARCOM unit and the brand positioning and identity change that took place. Shuttling between Dubai and Beirut, in 2007 Paul moved back to the advertising and communication business, adopting a leadership role as regional business director for Dentsu in Turkey and MENA markets. He helped set up the Dentsu office in the Egypt market in 2010 while supervising the other markets. Shifting to client side in 2011, Paul handles the MARCOM function at the Bank of Beirut in a more strategic form, cleaning up after a series of inconsistent spend and lack of a clear MARCOM mission. In addition, he oversees the management of execution and how this integrates within the whole marketing mix. Paul is also behind the creation of Bank of Beirut’s overall CSR YAP initiative and implementation. He has been a guest speaker and a lecturer in both the Lebanese University and the Lebanese American University since 2005. His lectures mainly are focused on ‘topics in media management’ for post graduate students.


Boyer Luc, IAE, Paris-Dauphine, CNAM, France

Holder of a PhD in Business (Université de Paris-Dauphine); graduate in Engineering from l’Université de Lyon, holder of a Master in Economics (Panthéon-Sorbonne). Luc Boyer has worked as Director of Production and Services Enterprises and as a university lecturer during the past 30 years. 20 years ago, he dedicated his life to research and academia as Research Director at Paris-Dauphine, The IAE de Caen and CNAM. Furthermore, he is Head of Vision Group, Director-Founder of the magazine Revue académique, management et avenir and Collection Director at Eyerolles and EMS/Corlet. His research examines the subject of business prospectives and organization. He has written numerous books, with emphasis on organization, management and professions’ perspectives He is an Officer in the Order of the Legion of Honor.


Chaar Abdel Maoula, École Supérieure des Affaires, Lebanon

Maoula Abdel Chaar is a Professor and Research Consultant at the École Supérieure des Affaires. He is in charge of Research and Development and leads the engineering and expansion of the school’s new programs, including Islamic financial programs and activities and he teaches Master level courses on Islamic Finance. He is also an editor and qualified trainer of the International Islamic Financial Qualification (IFQ), and has written a number of articles and contributed to numerous books on Islamic financial management issues. He holds a Master’s degree in Research in Strategic Management from the same university, a Master’s degree in Marketing and Communication from ESCP Europe and ESA, and a PhD in Business Administration from the French University Paris-Est, where he specialized in Strategic Management. His PhD thesis looks at the influence of the Shari’a mindset on the formation of Islamic banks strategies as well as its impact on the institutionalization of the Islamic financial field.


Chebira Boualem Ammar, Université d’Annaba, Algérie

Holder of a DEA in Mathematical Economics and Econometrics at The Université d’Aix-Marseille and a PhD in Economic Science from The Université Badgi Mokhtar, Annaba, Boualem Ammar Chebira is HDR and Senior Lecturer in the same University. He has published more than 30 articles and research papers moderated many seminars, and participated and chaired various organizing committees of forums. He is also Head of the Scientific Committee at the Department of Economic Sciences, and the Scientific Director of the LMD PhD “Economics, Development and Finance”, at the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business at l’Université Badgi Mokhtar.


Crutzen Nathalie, HEC-Management School, University of Liege, Belgium

Holder of a PhD in Economics and Management and a Master in Management, Nathalie Crutzen is Assistant Professor in Accenture Chair in Sustainable Strategy at HEC-Management School of the University of Liege, Belgium. In this framework and with the support of Thomas Froehlicher (General Director and Dean at HEC-Management School of the University of Liege), she is currently responsible for the development of a research center in the field of Sustainability, Strategy and Performance Management. Nathalie is in charge of several academic activities in business strategy, performance management and sustainability or corporate social responsibility. She teaches Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility, Advanced management control and strategic performance management. She has presented numerous scientific papers at international conferences in different worldwide countries, and she has also published several articles in international scientific journals. She is the author of many publications in International Scientific Journals (Peer-reviewed articles), and her main research interests are business strategic and performance management, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, entrepreneurship and innovation.


Dahdah Antoine, University of Rome, Italy

Holder of a Master in Sustainable Design and a PhD in Architecture Design from the University of Rome, La Sapienza, Antoine Dahdah has a broad range of work experience, working with leading Italian Architects and assisting the heads of the architectural department at the University of Rome "La Sapienza". Through such experience he has gained valuable experience in sustainable architecture and international engineering for buildings, in design, supervision, both in the private and public building sector, and at the same time interacting with colleagues and students in the academic environment. In 2010, Dr. Antoine Dahdah was invited by the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik - Lebanon to be the lead project architect of the USEK’s Sustainable Carbon Neutral project. His areas of interest include, Modern and Environmental Architecture, Green Buildings, Urban Planning and Interior Design, which encompasses a broad arena of practice concerned with the quality of life of the people at every scale. He is the author of many articles published in Italian journals. His professional career spans different periods and locations as follows:

• Own Architecture Studio in Rome (September 2012- today);

• Medical Facilities Projects [MFP Group] Geneva (June 2007 – July 2010);

• Studio Valle Progettazioni Rome (October 2005 – May 2007);

• Studio Catucci Rome (September 2003 – September 2005);

• Europtima SRL Milan (September 1999 - August 2003).


Dahroug Sameh, Middle East and North Africa Practice of Law Word Federation

Head of Middle East and North Africa (“MENA”) Practice of Law Word Federation since December 2010, and elected as an International Board Member in October 2012, Sameh Dahroug is also an Associate at DLA Piper Cairo office. DLA Piper is currently the largest law firm in the world by its number of attorneys (4,200). Sameh’s practice focuses on Corporate & Mergers and Acquisitions, which grants the opportunity to work on the largest deals hitting the financial markets in MENA. He has contributed to “Doing Business” for 3 consecutive years (2010-2012), an international publication published by the International Finance Corporation and the Word Bank. Sameh Dahroug assisted in drafting the legal overview that appeared in Emerging Egypt in 2008, published by Oxford Business Group. He led the MENA Practice of LWF to implement many projects in Middle Eastern countries, and is currently working on a Lebanese Law that will guarantee, for the first time in Lebanon and the MENA region, a public participation to the law before its promulgation. He assisted the League of Arab States in preparing a workshop tackling the theme “Trafficking of Human Beings” gathering together the LAS and Johns Hopkins University. He has conducted legal research in several topics including the International Reserves treaties, the report of the UN commission on International Trade law. Sameh holds a BA in law and a Master Degree in International and European Business Law, from Sorbonne Law School, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University.


Darkal Nadeen, JADARA University and Yarmouk University, Jordan

Holder of a Master Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Yarmouk University in Jordan, Nadeen Darkal is a lecturer at JADARA University and Yarmouk University in Jordan. She has worked at Alazameia for Import and Export and at the Gulf Resources Company – Amman - Jordan, and before this, she was trained at the Jordanian Islamic Bank.


Darwish Gamal, French University of Egypt, Egypt

Holder of a PhD in Computer Science from Paul Sabatier University - France, Gamal Darwish is Dean of the Faculty of Management and Information Systems, and the Director of the Research and Consultation Center in Management and Information Technology at the French University of Egypt, University. From 2005 till 2012, Gamal Darwish was the Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology at the Canadian University in Egypt. Currently he is Consultant and Expert in many international organizations; such as: UNESCO, UNDP, UNESCWA, UNFAO. He is also teaching and running the journal Scientific Research in Management and Information Technology, which has published 220 papers published ininternational journals and conferences, and he is Editor for many international journals. In addition, he is supervising 80 MSc and PhD theses in different areas of management and information technology.


Djeddi Chaouki, Tebessa University, Algeria

Lecturer at the Faculty of Economical Sciences, Commercial Sciences and Management of the Tebessa University - Algeria since 2008, Chaouki is vice president of the Undergraduate Program Departement. He has been member at the committee for equal members at Tebessa University since 2010. Chaouki Djeddi teaches principles of management and statistics at the Management Departement. He has many local and international communications and has been a member of more than 10 organizing committees for the graduation of BA students in the Management and Marketing Department.


El Beely Khalid, Sudan University of Science and Technology, Sudan

PhD in Political Economy from the Institute of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) - University of Leeds, UK, and an M.Sc. in Development Planning from Development Studies and Research Centre (DSRC) - Khartoum University, he also holds Executive Master in Sport Organization Management (MEMOS) from the University of Lyon (France) in Association with International Olympic Committee (IOC). Khalid El Beely is the Dean of the College of Business Studies at Sudan University of Science and Technology where he also served as deputy Dean and Head of the economic department. He’s an Associate Professor and lectured in several local and international conferences. He published a series of articles on economics, privatization in Sudan, investment, central government institutions, etc. He edited a text book for second year students entitled “Macro-economics”.


El Khoury Ghassan, MAGEFCO, Amchit Real Estate Company, Tillal El Assal Compamy, Lebanon

Chairman, Director General and shareholder of Magasins Généraux of Fanar, Amchit Real Estate Company and Tilal El Assal Company, Ghassan El Khoury is the author of 3 books published by Éditions du Cherche Midi-France. He is shareholder at the Company Joseph El Khoury and Sons Holding, member of the Administrative Council of the United Company for Maritime Touristic Projects at La Marina Club and member of the Social Mutual Fund. Furthermore, he is member at the Central Maronite Council and the Maronite League - Lebanon.


El Khoury Joe, Lebanese Canadian University, Lebanon

Seasoned banker with a PhD in Management from Hills University in the USA, Joe El Khoury is a member of the Board of Directors of the Lebanese Canadian University in Lebanon. He is a professional artist with a degree from Art Students League in New York with exhibitions in more than 10 countries across the globe. Joe El Khoury is the President of the Lebanese Artists Organization.


El Sayegh Selim, Université Paris Sud (XI), France

PhD holder in Law, Senior Lecturer at The Université Paris Sud (XI), and Director of the Masters’ Program in Diplomacy and Strategic Negociations, Selim El Sayegh is a member in the Council of the Social Policies of the MENA region at the World Bank, and Honorary Member of the Academy of Sciences in Hungary. He is has received many prizes and awards, such as the the Prize René Cassinpour for his work in Humanitarian Law and an award for the Academic Palms of September 2005. He has written numerous articles and books, he has organized more than 50 seminars and roundtables worldwide on political and legal subjects, examining areas of research related to crises management, strategic challenges, diplomacy. He is an Invitee Professor in various universities in Europe, China and the Arab World.


Famieyh Samuel, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, Ghana

Holder of an MBA in Natural Resource and Environmental Management and a PhD in Economics and Business Administration from the Technical University of Mining and Technology, Freiberg, Germany, Samuel Famieyh is a lecturer for Environmental, Operation and Project Management at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA). He has worked with four mining companies, viz. Premier Gold Resources, Golden Rule Resources, Bogoso Gold Resources currently Golden Star Resources and Goldfields Ghana Ltd, and progressed from trainee Geologist to a senior Exploration and Mine Geologist. He has been the facilitator for most Public and Private sector seminars and workshops on environmental, Risk Analysis in the security sector, and strategic management. Samuel Famiyeh’s research interests are in the areas of how business activities affect the natural resources, environment and society, and issues in operations and project management. His recent publication focuses on the role of financial institutions and environmental management, corporate social responsibility issues in Ghana, and the concept of post construction support for rural water projects in some selected communities in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Recently he attended three main conferences presenting papers on Sharing of Oil Revenues between the Private and Government.


Frem Antoine, Industrial Development Company, Lebanon

A Chemical Engineer from Wayne State University Detroit Michigan (U.S.A.) and a graduate from the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School, Antoine Frem has over forty years of work experience in the Packaging and Paper Board Industry, and has exposure to the Corrugated, Consumer Products, and Flexible Packaging Businesses. Antoine Frem has attended several seminars and holds certificates from Kellogg Business School Harvard Business School and others. He is Vice Chairman of INDEVCO - Industrial Development Company - Lebanon, Chairman of Interstate Resources Incorporation – US, an affiliate of INDEVCO Group, and President of the Municipal Council of Jounieh - Lebanon. He is currently serving on the following Boards:

- Member of the Board of Trustees of the Lebanese American University (LAU), and was previously the Chairman of this same Board

- Member of the Advisory Board of the Institute of Family and Entrepreneurial Business at the LAU

- Member of the Board of the Lebanese Management Association LMA

- Member of the board of YMCA

- Member of the Board of Directors of AMIDEAST Washington D.C.

- Member of the Board of Directors of the Children Cancer Center Lebanon - CCCL - affiliated with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

- Member of the Caux Round Table a network of senior business leaders around the world dedicated to Corporate Responsibility


Gharaibeh Hesham, German-Jordanian University, Jordan

Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Hashemite University-Jordan, and Dean of Talal Abu Ghazaleh Graduate School of Business, German - Jordanian University, Hesham Gharaibeh holds an MBA from the University of Dallas - USA and PhD in Financial Management from the University of Texas - USA. He served as a member at the board of Directors of Jordan Petroleum Refinery, was nominated Minister of Environment, at the Government of Jordan and has been the Vice - President for Academic Affairs at Yarmouk University. He also served as Chairman of Board of Directors at National Electric Power Company - Jordan. In addition, he was the Head of Consultancy Department at the Arab Organization for Administrative Sciences - League of Arab States.


Ghozlani Widad, Kalemah University, Algeria

Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences in Kalemah University - Algeria, she holds a Master in International Relations from the Betna University and a PhD in the Political Sciences from the El Hajj Lakhdar Kalemah University - Algeria. She served as a Member at the National Pedagogical Ministerial Committee for legal sciences. In addition, Widad Ghozlani was member of the committee of discipline at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences - Law Department and Political Sciences Department. She was part-time instructor at the Department of Economical Siences - Universal Center at Kalemah. She was also lecturer at the Altakwin Al Moutawassel University. She is currently president of the discipline council of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, and Professor at the Political Sciences Department of kalemah University.


Gudic Milenko, Economics Institute - Belgrade, Serbia

Director of CEEMAN’s IMTA (International Management Teachers Academy) since its establishment in 2000, Milenko Gudic is a consultant, researcher, and lecturer at the Economics Institute - Belgrade, visiting lecturer at the University of Montenegro, and frequent guest speaker at universities and management development institutions in more than twenty countries. He has been extensively engaged as an expert and consultant to various international institutions, organizations, and/or agencies, including: OECD, UNDP, UNIDO, EEC, ETF, ICPE, CEEMAN, and EFMD. His professional focus is on leadership and change management, entrepreneurship, business ethics and value-driven management. Milenko Gudic has been greatly involved in various CEEMAN activities, including international research projects, strengthening of managerial and leadership capabilities in business schools, and faculty development projects and programs. His research results and cases were presented and published nationally and internationally. He was also Program Chair of EURAM 2008 Conference. Since 2008 he has been Coordinator of the United Nations Global Compact PRME Working Group on Poverty as a Challenge to Management Education.


Haertle Jonas, Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) Secretariat in the United Nations Global Compact Office, USA

Jonas Haertle is Head of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), and Secretariat in the United Nations Global Compact Office. The mission of the PRME Initiative is to inspire and champion responsible management education, research and thought leadership globally. Previously, Jonas Haertle was the coordinator of the UN Global Compact’s Local Networks in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. Prior to joining the United Nations, he worked as a research analyst for the German public broadcasting service Norddeutscher Rundfunk. Mr. Haertle holds a Master's Degree in European Studies of Hamburg University in Germany. As a Fulbright scholar, he also attained an MSc Degree in Global Affairs from Rutgers University in the USA.


Hassanien Mohamed, DLA Matouk Bassiouny, Egypt

Senior Associate at the Commercial Department at DLA Matouk Bassiouny - member firm of DLA Piper Group, Mohamed Hassanien has experience in representing multinational and major Egyptian clients; such as, Egyptian Resorts Company, Amer Group, Pfizer Egypt SAE, Mitsubishi Motors and others. His practice includes a wide range of legal activities such as General Practice, Corporate and Merger and Acquisition, Contracts and others. In addition, Mohamed Hassanien is an Assistant Professor of Public International Law at Cairo University Law School and Adjunct Faculty with the American University in Cairo. He teaches courses on Public International Law, International Organizations, International Trade Law, and International Investment Law. He holds an LLM and SJD (PhD) in International Trade Law from The George Washington University Law School. A member of the New York Bar Association and the Egyptian Bar of Association, he has written extensively on international trade matters and published a book with Kluwer Law International on U.S. Free Trade Agreements (pub. August 2010), and a book on International Organizations with Dar El Nahda El Arabiya (pub. September 2011). Mohamed has also written several articles with U.S. and Canadian law reviews.


Hayek Ziad, Lebanon's Higher Council for Privatization, Lebanon

Ziad Hayek was appointed Secretary General of Lebanon's Higher Council for Privatization by the Council of Ministers in June 2006. He has worked on reforming the power and telecom sectors in the country and has lobbied for the enactment of PPP legislation since 2007. Following the hostilities of 2006, he organized the Stockholm Donors’ Conference, helping to raise US $940 million for war relief and reconstruction. Prior to that, Mr. Hayek was Chief Executive of Lonbridge Associates Ltd. (London), a telecom and technology investment banking boutique. Positions held previously include: Senior Managing Director of Bear Stearns & Co. (New York and London); President of Indosuez Mexico, S.A. (Mexico City); Vice President of Salomon Brothers (New York); and Vice President of Citibank (New York), where he was Head of the International Corporate Finance Division's Securitization Department, after having been Acting Regional Treasurer for West Africa and a foreign exchange and derivatives trader in Bahrain. Mr. Hayek has an MA in International Management from the University of Texas at Dallas and has studied business administration at the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiors de Monterrey (Mexico). He is a member of the US Council on Foreign Relations and has served on a number of corporate boards in the US, Mexico, Switzerland and Lebanon. Mr. Hayek speaks 11 languages.


Ismail Hussein, Lebanese American University, Lebanon

Holder of an MA in Strategic Management from the University of Manchester and a PhD in Human Resources Management from University of Manchester, Hussein Ismail id a full time faculty member at the Lebanese American University, where he teaches Family Business Management, Human Resources Management, Corporate Strategy and Venture Growth Strategy of Entrepreneurship. He was an instructor and guest speaker at the California State University and a part time lecturer at the University of Manchester. Hussein Ismail participated in World Bank Q & A about unemployment in the Arab world, completed a training workshop entitled “Engaging and Motivating Business Students: Techniques to Improve Student Learning and Engagement”, organized by John Wiley & Sons. He has attended many workshops and seminars. He is Editor in Chief (changed to advisory role in Aug, 2011) at Why Not Magazine. He has provided consultancy in areas including employee performance appraisal, competition analysis, and product development and management. In addition, he was Human Resource Consulting Manager at ISSA Holding Company, which compromises 18 companies in the area of IT networking, GSM mobile solutions, and electrical manufacturing. He has numerous publications in local and international journals covering a wide range of topics in human resources, strategy, and economy.


Jabbour Georges, the Georges Washington University, USA

Holder of an MBA in Finance and a PhD in Finance and Investments, George Jabbour has conducted several training courses for the World Bank Group in Washington DC, Vienna and Islamabad, for The International Training Banking Centre in Budapest, the Centre of Excellence in Management in Kuwait, and for Kipco Asset Management Group (KAMCO) in Kuwait. Georges Jabbour has several publications related to term structure of interest rates, hedging under stochastic interest rates, prediction of currency exchange rates, valuation and derivative securities. He is co-author of The Option Trader Handbook for trade adjustments. His research papers have been presented in different parts of the US and the world. He is a member of the editorial advisory board of The Journal of Business and Economics Research in the USA, and the GITAM Review of International Business in India, as well as a member of the Educational Committee of International Financial Engineers (IAFE) and the Professional Risk Management International Association (PRMIA). In addition to his academic career, Georges Jabbour is very active in equity and derivatives trading, and has been a Consultant/Advisor to several American corporations and international organizations.


Kamel Sherif, American University in Cairo, Egypt

Founding Dean of the School of Business at the American University in Cairo and Professor of Management Information Systems at the School’s Department of Management, Sherif Kaeml has a long and varied experience as an academic leader investing in human capital, building and managing executive development institutions addressing management, entrepreneurial and leadership issues. He holds a PhD in Information Systems from London School of Economics and Political Science. Currently, he is pursuing an MA in Islamic Art and Architecture. His work in management of information technology, information technology transfer to developing nations, electronic business and decision support systems has been broadly published in IS and management journals. He is the Editor of E-Strategies for Technological Diffusion and Adoption, and he serves on the editorial and advisory board of a number of IS journals and is the associate editor of the Journal of Cases on Information Technology, Journal of IT for Development and the Electronic Journal of IS in Developing Countries and a contributor to Egypt Human Development Report (2009). Kamel is an Eisenhower Fellow (2005) and member of the Eisenhower Fellowships Alumni Advisory Council. He is also a member of the board of trustees of the Information Technology Institute and member of the board of trustees of the Sadat Academy for Management Sciences.


Katrib Jean-Pierre, Quantum Group, Lebanon

Jean-Pierre joined Quantum Group in April 2007 and is currently the Strategic Relations Manager of Quantum Communications. In spring of 2008, he visited Fikra fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy in Washington DC, where he published on the critical role of electoral reforms in Lebanon’s troubled political environment. Between 2008 and 2009, he wrote on US - Lebanese relations, and Hezbollah and federalism in Lebanon, as a contributing columnist for the Hudson Institute’s New York-based website, now the Gatestone Institute. Jean-Pierre holds an MA in Political Sociology from the Lebanese University as well as an MA in Human Rights and Democratization from the University of Malta and the National University of Ireland, Galway. He is also a lecturer at Sagesse University and a trainer with the Office of Regional External Programs at the American University of Beirut. Since 2001, he has been an active member of the Foundation for Human & Humanitarian Rights Lebanon (FHHRL) - an independent, non-governmental organization that advocates human rights and education.


Kattar Damianos, Former Minister of Finance

Born in Jezzine in 1960, Damianos Kattar is a Lebanese economist and politician .Following the completion of his studies of Business and Strategy, he became a strategic consultant at various financial institutions in Gulf countries and a university lecturer at Saint Joseph University (USJ) and Sagesse University in Beirut.

Between April and July, 2005, he became Minister of Finance and Minister of Economics and Trade in the Government of His Excellency PM Najib Mikati.


Laine Herve, Circle of Business Ethics, France

General engineer of bridges, water and forests, Laine Herve held various positions of responsibility within the French administration in the areas of infrastructure, urban planning and housing, as well as within large firms, internationally. He is now a permanent member of the General Council of the Environment and Sustainable Development within the French Ministry of Sustainable Development, where he is responsible for international business chiefly in the Mediterranean countries and the countries of Central Asia, in areas of water, energy, environmental and supply fields. In addition, he is an advisor to UNESCO, and chairs two associations dedicated to the dissemination of ethical values and the promotion of the socially responsible behavior:

- RED-ethics (ethics of public policy, especially in the context of international development)

- Ethics Academy (meetings and research on ethics in the various fields of human activities, and reflections on benchmarks for future ethics).

Herve regularly participates in "think tanks" in these areas.


Lelcair Laurice Alexandre, Sorbonne Paris Cité/ Paris Descartes University, France

Associate Professor at Sorbonne Paris Cité/ Paris Descartes University, Laurice Alexandre Lelcair’s main interests are in the international development of SMEs, social entrepreneurship and female entrepreneurship. She has initiated the creation of the association SIFE Paris Descartes (Students in Free Entreprise), and she is the Pedagogical Advisor for Social Entrepreneurship Projects. Laurice Alexandre has occupied the position of Coordinator of the Business Faculty and Information System at the French University in Egypt for 2 years (2009-2011), an assignment for the French Foreign Affairs Ministry. She is the author of a book about distribution partnership between groups and SMEs in 2007 Vuibert Edition.


Madhok Aneeta, Open Spaces Consulting (Private) Limited and The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes, India

Aneeta Madhok graduated with a Degree in Psychology with Honors from Delhi University and completed her MBA in Human Resources and Organization Development from XLRI-Jamshedpur. She is the Director of Open Spaces Consulting (Private) Limited and the Chairperson for the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes. After having extensively worked for eight years in all areas of Personnel Management and HRD, she undertook doctoral studies and completed her PhD in the field of Managerial Leadership and Work Motivation. Aneeta looks for opportunities to translate management practice into theory and vice versa. She is keenly interested in the ways that individuals integrate themselves within organizations and group dynamics in teams. Her research and consulting work has led her to provide insights and management process solutions to several leading organizations. She has to her credit over 70 publications including refereed articles, consulting projects, newspaper articles and book reviews published nationally and internationally. She is also the Past President of the Institute of Management Consultants of India, fellow of Sumedhas Academy for Human Context, a Certified Management Consultant and has been the recipient of scholarship awarded by the Foreign Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom, and the Best Management Teacher award of the Bombay Management Association.


Malkawi Eyad, Jerash Private University, Jordan

Eyad Malkawi has a Master Degree in Economics from Yarmouk University Jordan and a PhD Degree in Economics, Banking and Financial Science from AL Mustansiriyah University - Iraq. He is the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in Jerash Private University. Before 2009, he was Assistant Professor and the Head of Banking and Financial Science Action in the same University. Eyad was Purchase Office and Local Tender Committee Member in Ministry of Finance / of General Supplies Dept. Furthermore, he worked as Economics Research and Analyst and the Head of Revenues Studies Action in Ministry of Finance / Studies and Research Directorate.


Mouawad Joyce, Le Royal Hotels & Resorts, Lebanon

Corporate Sales and Marketing Director at Le Royal Hotels and Resorts, Joyce Mouawad joined the corporate team of Le Royal, taking charge of five global properties in different destinations. Her ultimate aim in this challenging and exciting post has been to raise revenue levels by enhancing the brand and to increase brand recognition. Graduated from e-Cornell in Strategic Management, Mouawad works with passion and is a strong advocate of teamwork, communication and delegation.


Musa Bakri, University of Sciences and Culture, Sudan

Musa Bakri is Dean of the Faculty of Business Sciences at the University of Sciences and Culture. He got the title of a Professor in Business Administration in 2006 and a PhD from Oum Derman Islamic University in 1997. He published many articles and edited five books. In his research, Bakri Musa studies job satisfaction, strategic management, international competition, globalization, human resources management. Before serving as Dean of the Faculty of Business Sciences of Oum Derman University, he served as a supervisor of superior studies, and was the Head of the Management Department, and Vice Dean of the same Faculty.


Najjar Ramsay, S2C, Lebanon

Ramsay G. Najjar founded S2C in 2002 with a vision of transforming the region’s communication landscape by offering strategic counsel to multinational and regional corporations and public entities, with the objective of strengthening their relationships with their stakeholders, and helping to build more viable brands, and immunizing reputations. A veteran of the media and advertising industry in the region with over 20 years of experience in communication, Ramsay Najjar has accompanied a wide range of public and private organizations in transforming their communication to fulfill their strategic goals, resulting in numerous success stories that are benchmarked and emulated throughout the region. Today, he continues to shape the regional communication industry and is an authority on communication, as well as a regular speaker at the most prominent communication and business conferences. He began his career as an academic professor before founding his own company in partnership with the global Saatchi and Saatchi in 1992. Ramsay is also the former President of the International Advertising Association, Lebanon Chapter and co-founded the Faculty of Advertising at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA) - University of Balmand. He holds a Master’s degree in Mass Communication from AUB, and is the author of several books in the fields of philosophy, politics and religion; the latest of which is “Views, Reviews and Previews: Media, Communication and the Arab Spring”, published in early 2012 in both English and Arabic.


Naoum Isabelle, BLOM Bank, Lebanon

After completing her Bachelor's degree in Marketing at John Cabot University, in Rome - ltaly, lsabelle Naoum joined Byblos Bank's Marketing Department in 1991. At that time, Byblos was breaking into the retail market, and taking off from there she was able to demonstrate her abilities in various fields of communication including: PR, research, advertising, media marketing, and branding, until she was assigned the responsibility of handling all of Byblos' Beirut in 2008. After establishing the Corporate and Marketing Department of the group, Isabelle Naoum felt able to move on and undertake a new mission. She joined BLOM BANK in July 2011 as Head of Communications.


Ossman Said, Faculty of Commerce- Alexandria University, Egypt

Said Ossman has been Dean of the Faculty of Commerce at Alexandria University since 2008, and Professor at the Public Finance Department. He holds a PhD and a Master in Economics (public Finance) from Alexandria University. He is a member of Alexandria University Council and was the vice president of the Center of Studies and Consultancies at Beirut Arab University. He was Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration at Beirut Arab University in 2003. He is a peer reviewer for the Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP) at Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) for Qatar Foundation. Said Ossman is a member of the board of directors of the Maritime Forum Unit at Alexandria University and member of the board of directors of Alexandria Water Company and Commerce club. In addition, he heads the committee responsible for preparing the financial and administrative regulations for the WAQF of Alexandria University for education and scientific research. Ossman is also the Economic consultant for Alexandria Chamber of Commerce and the financial consultant for Alexandria University. He is an experienced part-time member of the board of directors of Alexandria Container and Cargo Handling Company, Holding company for Land and Maritime Transport. He participated at many national and international conferences and produced numerous publications in privatization, tax systems and public finance.


Ouaini Naim, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Liban

Professor of Chemistry at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK), with a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Claude Bernard-Lyon I in France. Naim Ouaini was knighted in the Order of Academic Palms by the French Republic. From 2003 to 2010, he was Dean of the Faculty of Sciences and Computer Engineering (FSGI) at USEK. Since 2011, he has held the position and title of Assistant to the Rector for Public Administration in the USEK and is the designated Head of the Department of Basic Sciences and Health Faculty of Medicine and Medical Sciences at USEK. Furthermore, he is one of the founding members of the LAAS association (Lebanese Association for the Advancement of Sciences) and for the International Scientific Committee CIMA3. Naim Ouaini has succeeded in achieving numerous scientific agreements with French universities, such as: Paris-Sud, Agroparistech, University of Claude Bernard-Lyon I, Poitiers, Bordeaux, INPL and others. In addition, he has managed several research projects funded by French and Lebanese organizations, such as: AUF, CEDAR, CNRS, Rhone-Alpes MIRA and others. He has also contributed in the organization and implementation of various seminars and national and international conferences, and has published over 50 scientific articles in international scientific journals on Industrial Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Water, Environment, Food Biochemistry, the Robotics teaching and the analysis techniques.


Paranque Bernard, Euromed Management, France

Paranque Bernard joined Euromed Management in 2004. He is the Delegate General of the EuroMéditerranée and holder of the Chair AG2R LA MONDIALE "Finance Autrement: Investissement - Solidarités - Responsabilité". As a PhD holder in Economy and a holder of an accreditation qualification to supervise research (Université Lyon Lumière), he was responsible for two research programs between 1992 and 1997. He has also been the representative of the Banque de France to the European Committee of Central Balance-Sheet Data Offices and the Head of the Corporate Finance Office at the Commerce, Crafts, Services and Liberal Professions Department within the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry.

Bernard Paranque was a member of the French delegation in the SME working group of the OECD Committee on Industry and Business Environment. Associate Professor at the Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University from 2001 until 2003, he is also member of the editorial board of the EuroMed Journal of Business and the Scientific Committee of Development and Financial Techniques. His research program concerns the challenges and modalities of the economic action coordination, in particular that of the small organizations behaviors and their financing. His interests involve the cooperatives governance regime, the coordination of collective action structured around Commons as well as “marketing/finance” dynamics in the corporate/community relations related to the brand. He is the co-author of “Diversité économique et mode de financement des PME” with Bernard Belletante and Nadine Levratto, and has co-directed the publication of “L’Euro-Méditerrannée : de l’espace géographique aux modes de coordination socio-économiques” with Nadine Levratto and Corinne Grenier. In 2008, he published “Construire l’Euroméditerranée” with L’Harmattan.


Pehar Anna, Calix Consulting, Netherlands

Anna Pehar is an independent International Management Consultant in the area of Executive Development. With her extensive experience in both the corporate and the academic world, she acts as an advisor to both Business Schools and Universities as well as to Corporates and NGO’s. Her areas of expertise include post-graduate and executive education, program design and development, project management, organizational effectiveness, business development and consultative selling, account management and effective communication. Anna Pehar holds a Master’s degree in Linguistics, with majors in Socio and Psycho Linguistics. Anna’s corporate background is commercial, but always in the professional services sector with broad experience in sales and consultancy, including HR Consultancy and training and development. From there she moved into academia and was the Director of Executive Education at the Rotterdam School of Management/Erasmus University in the Netherlands for 10 years. After leaving RSM she worked at EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development) in Brussels in the role of Director of Business School Services. In 2010 she established her own consultancy practice, Calix Consulting, linking her corporate and academic experience with her extensive international network.


Qawasmeh Farid, Jadara University, Jordan

Holder of an MBA from Yarmouk University, and a PhD in Business Sciences from Amman Arab University, Qawasmeh Farid is currently the Head of the Business Administration Department in Jadara University - Jordan. As an electrical engineer, he worked for more than 20 years in Jordan Telecom and has published numerous articles in international and scientific magazines. His research focuses on small and medium-sized enterprises, human resources management, ethics, strategies, etc. Farid Qawasmeh has taught management courses such as: Human Resources Management, Strategic Management, International Affairs Management, and SME Management. He is a member of the Jordan Society for Scientific Research and other academic and scientific committees. Moreover, he has participated in numerous colloquiums and seminars and chaired the Cultural Colloquium of Kfaryouba.


Rauch Marc, American University in Cairo, Egypt

Marc Rauch has been Sustainability Coordinator for the American University in Cairo. From 1985 to 2010, he practiced commercial Real Estate Law in New York City, where his work with project teams developing and operating office buildings and shopping centers gave him familiarity with building systems, facilities management and public utilities, gained him the experience and relevant knowledge needed for sustainability work. Marc Rauch served in 3 separate capacities in New York City’s municipal government, most recently as Special Adviser to the Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability. At the Mayor’s sustainability office, he led a team of real estate professionals, engineers and government officials tasked with solving the “split incentive” problem impeding energy-efficient retrofitting of commercial office buildings. Their breakthrough solution was announced by New York City’s Mayor at a press conference in April 2011. It has since been endorsed by leading industry groups and environmental NGO’s. He served as one of the Mayor’s representatives to the United Nations Development Corporation, a joint New York State and New York City body responsible for developing and managing office and residential space for the U.N.

He was Chairman of the New York City Loft Board. Just last month, Mr. Rauch presented the initial results of AUC’s 3-year energy saving program to a quarterly meeting of the Mayor’s Carbon Challenge. Mr. Rauch graduated from Harvard Law School with honors and studied Urban and Environmental planning at Columbia’s Graduate School of Architecture, Preservation and Planning.


Sakr Omar, Notre Dame University, Lebanon

Omar Sakr is a Human Resources and an Environmental Expert in the hospitality industry and a longtime advocate of CSR and environmental programs. Since 1999 he has launched and managed the sustainable GO GREEN program at Shtrumpf restaurants in Lebanon. He is also a Business, Hospitality and Tourism lecturer at Notre Dame University (NDU) and currently working on his PhD in Responsible Hospitality Management at Leeds Metropolitan University - UK. His research topic focuses on CSR implementation in four and five star Hotels in Lebanon. He holds an MSc in Responsible Tourism Management from Leeds Metropolitan University - UK, a Master’s in Tourism Management from Perpignan - France, and an MBA from Notre Dame University.


Shawki Zeinab, Misr University, Egypt

Holder of a PhD from Cairo University, Faculty of Economics and Political Science and a Master of Public Administration from The American University in Cairo, Zeinab Shawki is a part-time lecturer at Misr University, teaching Organizational Behavior and Principles of Management courses. Previously, she was a lecturer in the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport for MBA students. She has also worked as a Research Specialist in the International Relation Department - American division- the League of Arab States. Zeinab Sawki has attended a number of training workshops on strategic thinking, leading in tough times, employee engagement in down economy and Business innovation and creativity. She is the author of numerous articles published in international reviews such as The European Journal of Business Research, and Journal of International Management Science. Her areas of research include human resources and the tourism sector in Egypt. She got The Award for the Best PhD thesis on the level of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University for the Academic year 2008-2009.


Shuayto Nadia, Associate Dean and Chair of the MBA Program in the College of Management at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, USA

Dr. Nadia Shuayto is currently the Associate Dean and Chair of the MBA Program in the College of Management at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, MI. She also serves at the Coordinator for AACSB Accreditation. Dr. Shuayto teaches Marketing Management, International Business and Global Marketing in the MBA and Doctoral programs. She frequently travels to Beirut and teaches in the EMBA Program at the American University of Beirut (AUB): a program she had developed during her fulltime Assistant Professor position at AUB from 2000-2007.

She serves as an advisor for several management-consulting firms and serves on the editorial advisory board of two journals published by Emerald, UK. In addition to her teaching, Dr. Shuayto works as a management and marketing consultant and trainer to firms in the U.S.A, Canada, and the Middle East. Her main areas of research include global marketing and management education. In spring of 2012, Dr. Shuayto received an “Outstanding Research Award” for a paper she presented at the Global Business Conference in Costa Rica entitled: MBA Programs: Critical Management Skills Desired by Business Leaders. During the same time period, she won the “Best in Category” for the MENA region award in the 2011 EFMD (European Federation of Management) Case Competition. The name of her case is: ELIE SAAB, Growth of a Global Luxury Brand. Dr. Shuayto holds a Doctorate Degree in Marketing and an MBA with a concentration in International Business. She has over 25 years of professional experience in the areas of retail, food & beverage, health care, and international trade.


Tehemar Sherif, Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital (DSFH), KSA

Sherif Tehemar is a Maxillofacial Consultant and Director of the Dental Department at Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital (DSFH) - KSA and research fellow in the Oral Biology and Maxillofacial Surgery Department, School of Dentistry, Medical College of Georgia - USA. He holds a PhD degree and he is a certified Lean/6Sigma Green Belt. He is currently the chairperson of the CSR Committee and member of several executive committees at DSFH and he is the accreditation team leader for Governance, Leadership and Directions at DSFH for the Joint Commission International and the Australian Council for Healthcare Standards International. In addition, Dr. Tehemar has presented numerous lectures and published several articles related to CSR and Total Quality Management nationally and internationally. Dr. Tehemar was in charge to introduce the sustainable practice within DSFH. Under his leadership, DSFH published 3 CSR reports based on the GRI (G3) guidelines. He is also the editor of the “Good Hospital Guide” which provides the necessary knowledge to implement CSR in the healthcare service sector. Moreover, he was responsible for the Patient Centered Care Programs within DSFH and, under his leadership, DSFH won the Patient Centered Care Award from the Arab Health in 2011.


Wagfi Ali, Al Jadara University, Jordan

Holder of a PhD from Amman Atrab University - Jordan and a Master from Al Bayt University, he’s an assistant professor at Jadara University. He was lecturer and Head of the Business Administration Department at Private Irbid University. Previously, Ali Wagfi was lecturer at the Universal Gharnata Faculty. He published a series of articles and researches on time management, globalization, human resources management, the international financial crisis, the e-government, etc. He lectured in several local and international conferences.


Wood Geoffrey, University of Warwick, UK

Geoffrey Wood is Professor of International Business at Warwick Business School, University of Warwick. Previously, he was Professor in the School of Management at the University of Sheffield, and Associate Dean of the School, and before that Professor and Director of Research at Middlesex University Business School, and previously taught at Rhodes University, South Africa (where he attained the rank of Associate Professor). He has also held visiting fellowships at Cranfield University, Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand), and the American University in Cairo, Cornell University and Rhodes University. Currently, he is Honorary Professor of the University of the Witwatersrand, and Visiting Professor at Nelson Mandela University, both in South Africa, and Adjunct Professor at Griffith University, Australia. Geoffrey Wood has served as Commissioned Researcher for the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission. He has authored/co-authored/edited seven books, and over one hundred articles in peer-reviewed journals (including journals such as Work and Occupations, Work Employment and Society, Organization Studies, Human Relations, British Journal of Industrial Relations, Human Resource Management (US). Geoffrey’s research interests center on the relationship between national institutional setting, corporate governance, firm finance, and firm level work and employment relations. Geoffrey Wood regularly presents keynote speeches and seminars at academic conferences and leading universities worldwide. He was the winner of the ECGI 2012 prize (with Marc Goergen and Noel O'Sullivan) for the best working paper in finance.


Zaki Hajeer, Al Nahrain University, Iraq

Holder of a PhD in Economics 1990, Hajeer Zaki is Dean of the College of Business Economics at Al Nahrain University in Baghdad. Before this, he was Vice Dean of Scientific Affairs of the College of Business Economics at Al Nahrain University. In addition, he was Chair of Scientific promotion Committee at the College of Business Economics in the same University. In 2007, Hajeer Zaki acquired the title of Full Professor in Economics and nominated at the same year Head of International Economic Relations Department at the College of Political Sciences - Al Nahrain University. From 2003 to 2006, he headed the Economics Department of the College of Economics and Administration at Al Mustansryah University.

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