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Doing Business Responsibly:
When Corporations become Citizens November 7 & 8 2012
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The Law World Federation, a French Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), registered in France (LWF) was invited by the Faculty of Business and Commercial Sciences, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK), to observe, as neutral NGO, the International Forum, entitled “Doing Business Responsibly: when Corporations become Citizens”. The International Forum was organized and hosted by USEK, in association with the Principles for Responsible Management Education, the American University in Cairo – the School of Business and the Arab Society of Faculties of Business, Economics and Political Sciences (BEPS).

The Observer, through its representatives Dr. Mohamed Hassanien and Mr. Sameh Dahroug, concluded the recommendations mentioned below. The Recommendations are not a duplication of any paper, statement analysis or study presented in the International Forum, instead they are a product based on conclusion and extrapolation of the papers and presentations presented by the relevant speakers at the International Forum throughout its seven roundtables. The Recommendations are not an opinion and contain only a preliminary communication. The Recommendations shall be read in conjunction with the background. A full report on the assessment of the International Forum, including an elaboration of the Recommendations, will be drafted soon by the Observer.


After observing the several roundtables and enlightened discussions about the main theme of the International Forum, the International Forum finally recommends the following:

FIRST RECOMMENDATION: Raising the need for adopting regulations and policies for Social Responsibility by the corporations. The International Forum brought up the discussion of the different regulations and policies in connection with Social Responsibility, both on private and public levels. This has been witnessed through hosting different players from the government (e.g. Ministry of Trade) and private sector (e.g. Arab African Bank and Le Royal Hotel);

SECOND RECOMMENDATION: Enhancing the studies and researches in connection with Social Responsibility of the corporations. In this regard the International Forum encourages the stakeholders to learn about the most recent trends relating to Social Responsibility;

THIRD RECOMMENDATION: Spreading awareness about the importance of the Social Responsibility through using different channels, including but not limited to using the USEK platform, and communicating such messages to students, practitioners, academics, other stakeholders and the wider public across the Middle East;

FOURTH RECOMMENDATION: Providing the community, students, employees and stakeholders with training focusing on the importance of Social Responsibility;

FIFTH RECOMMENDATION: Fostering environmental literacy for all stakeholders.

SIXTH RECOMMENDATION: Sharing the experience and knowledge of other players in the region on their ‘milestones’ and experiences regarding their achievements in relation to Social Responsibility.

*The Recommendations were presented and read at the closing session of the International Forum. The Dean of the Faculty of Business and Commercial Sciences, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Dr. Nehme Azoury – Chairman of the International Forum - undertook to use all means to achieve the above recommendations and expressed his readiness to contribute to any initiative aimed at achieving the above recommendations.



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